For many clients, the first step is to assess their current marketing situation. Completing this survey is the starting point of the marketing health check process. If you are interested in this service, get the ball rolling by answering the following questions.

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Your Main Marketing Objectives
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Your Current Marketing Position
Rate your level of agreement with the following statements
You are proud of your branding and brand elements such as the company logo are used consistently
You have identified your target markets and know how to communicate with them effectively
Your marketing activities are well planned and executed with results being measured
Your marketing is regular and cohesive across different marketing channels (web, email, social media etc.)
Your sales support materials (brochures, datasheets, presentation templates, proposal templates etc.) are supporting the sales function
Do you have an email marketing system?
Do you have a web analytics solution for your website?
Which social media platforms are you active on?
How do you allocate marketing spend?
Who delivers your marketing?
tick as many as apply
Do you have a Marketing Plan?
How many people are involved in the sales function of your business?
These may be dedicated sales people, or consultants who sell as part of their role.
Currently, where do your best leads come from?
"Best" refers to quality, meaning those that convert most often to sales and are of good value.
Where is information about your customers and prospects (leads) kept?
Tick all that apply.
Do you track your conversion rates from leads and opportunities to sales?
Tell us more about how you feel marketing could better support your business and where you feel the gaps are in your current marketing approach.